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G-Mac can toast success with his new Pale Ale

While Rory McIlroy has pulled out of two upcoming high-profile competitions in Shanghai to concentrate on preparing for his multi-million-euro court case against Horizon Sports Management.

There's better news for his friend Graeme McDowell, details of whose contract with Horizon are being sought by McIlroy's legal team.

This week he can toast the launch of his own beer, G-Mac's Celtic-style Pale Ale, in conjunction with a brewery in Florida. Described as "a craft beer for the outdoor living we participate in," G-Mac's tipple is currently only available on draft, but will be sold in cans from December and in bottles in 2015.

McDowell will, as McIlroy has done, also be setting up his own management company when his agreement with Horizon ends in December.


With Serena and Venus Williams describing his insulting televised remarks as "sexist, racist and bullying", can Shamil Tarpischev's position as a member of the IOC be supported?

Tarpischev, who is head of the Russian Tennis Federation, has been fined and also banned for a year by the Women's Tennis Association.

With Martina Navratilova calling on the International Tennis Federation to take action when saying, "this kind of bullying comment cannot be tolerated", the International Olympic Committee is expected to do more than simply ask for "an explanation".


England's Amir Khan has agreed a fight with Devon Alexander in Las Vegas in December with both men seeing a win as the clincher for a big-money fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr next year.

If Khan does got to fight Mayweather, the purse discussions could prove interesting. Mayweather's opponents have been paid between €1.25million and €11.76m.

With ticket revenue at a Mayweather fight averaging around €10.5m and PPV receipts of around €110m, Khan will be required to prove he's a box-office draw to command a higher fee.


The day of a firm handshake as the standard goal-scoring celebration has long given way to daft displays of thumb-sucking, baby-rocking, silly dancing and elaborate choreographed gymnastic routines.

Tragically, in India on Sunday Peter Biaksangzuala (23) died from neck and spinal injuries received when a somersault to mark his goal for Bethlehem Vengthlang went horrifically wrong. "Peter was a very talented player who dreamt of playing in the national league," said a local FA official.