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Fury's fighting talk 'unhinged'

Styles make fights. But ahead of tonight's heavyweight showdown in Manchester, the styles of defending Commonwealth champion Tyson Fury and Canadian challenger Neven "No Surrender" Pajkic couldn't be more different.

Both fighters are unbeaten on 16 but, although bullish when trying to get the bout on, Pajkic has decided to say nothing before the opening bell. "I'll do my talking in the ring," he said.

Tyson, son of jailed traveller (nine years for gouging a man's eye out) and one-time bare-knuckle king Gypsy Johnny, has opted to inform the Canadian (originally from Sarajevo) that he's unpredictable, volatile and, perhaps, unhinged.

"I believe I'm mentally disturbed," he claims. "One minute I'm over the moon and the next minute I feel like getting in my car and running it into a wall at a hundred miles an hour."

Fury's revelation may be a questionable tactic from the same book that had Steve Collins spooking Chris Eubank.

"Maybe it was the fact that we didn't have a family life," he suggests. "My mother and father were always hitting each other. My style of fighting is aggressive. Everything's on the line."

Fury v Pajkic will be screened live on Channel 5 from 9.45 tonight.