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Foul language earns player six early baths

AN AMATEUR Scottish footballer has set a new world record by managing the unbelievable feat of being sent off six times in one game -- narrowly beating the previous record of five -- but he is still protesting his innocence.

Paul Cooper, 39, (pictured) of Hawick United, who currently play in the Borders Amateur League, received his (multiple) marching orders in a feisty game against rivals Pencaitland in November.

After picking up a second yellow card for dissent during the closing stages of the game, Cooper continued his 'debate' with the referee -- while clocking up a further five dismissals -- until being forcibly removed from the pitch by his own manager.

The Scottish Amateur Football Association have issued the striker with a two-year ban and the veteran forward has admitted that the hefty suspension will force him to call time on his playing career.

"Unfortunately, I've been in bother before with bans and I expected six months. But I was stunned when I got two years.

"I think that will be my days as a player over. I'm 39 and I felt I could play on for a couple of years but those years have gone now. I'm absolutely gutted because I love my football."

The player, nicknamed Santa, said he realised it was his own fault he had got into disciplinary trouble.

"I completely overreacted after I had been sent off and I know I said things to the referee I should not have," he said. "But I felt so frustrated as I honestly wasn't to blame for the incident that led to me being sent off."