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Fan fined for Latif attack

An Australian court fined a spectator 9,000 Australian dollars (€6,000) on Tuesday for attacking Pakistan player Khalid Latif during a limited-overs international last month.

David James Fraser, 37, was found guilty after running on to Perth's WACA Ground and tackling Latif to the ground from behind as he fielded against Australia in the match on January 31. Latif, 24, hurt his neck and required medical attention after the incident.

Pakistan coach Intikhab Alam said at the time that Latif had been lucky not to have suffered a serious injury.

The incident prompted Western Australian state cricket authorities to call for stiffer penalties for field invaders at major sporting events.

Fraser was fined A$6,000 (€4,000) on a charge of trespass for entering the playing field and A$3,000 (€2,000) for common assault, after pleading guilty to both counts. He was also banned for life from attending the WACA ground.

Fraser said following his arrest that he had been drinking all day and had run onto the field following a dare from a friend.

The West Australian Cricket Association said that following the hearing it would continue to work with the state government and other major sporting bodies to push for tougher minimum penalties for pitch invaders.

"Field of play invasions by spectators during major sporting events are dangerous, disrupt major public events and can influence the outcome of those events, while also damaging Australia's and WA's reputation in the eyes of international viewing audiences," it said in a statement. "The WACA supports harsher penalties that would encourage members of the crowd to think twice before attempting to enter the field of play."