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Dubs email a Wee disaster

THERE we were, for one fleeting second, thinking Dublin had "done the decent thing" and offered Louth a fair-play replay -- for no other reason than Meath's blanket refusal to do likewise a fortnight earlier.

"Dublin versus Louth, All-Ireland Football quarter-final at Croke Park, 4pm Saturday 31st July" -- ran the introductory line to an email from the Dublin camp, announcing their now-weekly press conference this coming Friday.

"Better ring the desk," thought Curve Ball. "There's a big story brewing for sure! Fair play to the Dubs, offering Louth another shot at Sam all because they weren't mentally in the right place last Saturday. Hello boss? Hold the back page!"

Then a sudden pause. Another updated email from the boys in Blue. "Dublin versus Tyrone, All Ireland Football quarter-final..." it begins.

"Sorry boss, did I mention back-page exclusive? I'll have one for you any month soon. Promise!"