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Dooney does double!

A MIDDLE-DISTANCE double for Kevin Dooney of CBC Monkstown was the highlight of the CBS All Ireland Track and Field Championships in Santry yesterday.

On this kind of form, Dooney, who leaves school this year and only last month won his first ever schools All-Ireland cross-county title, should add a few more titles to his collection.

He won both races with plenty to spare, striking with the pack in the early stages and making his break on the final lap. In the 1500m, Chris Finn of Portlaoise CBS made a brave attempt to stay with him and ended up a fighting second.

In the 3000m, Dooney ran most of the race with old rival Ian Guidan of St Aidan's Whitehall before easing away for the win in eight minutes 48 seconds. Guidan was four seconds behind and David Mulhare of Portlaoise CBS third.


Another double winner on the day was Tony Stafford of Enniscorthy CBS, who won both the U19 100m sprint and the long jump.

Winning the U15 1500m was the steadily improving Cathal Doyle of Coláiste Choilm Swords. After finishing fourth in the Leinster Cross-Country Championships, Doyle improved to second place when the All Irelands came around.

At Santry, he was a clear winner despite the best efforts of Senan Lynam of Coláiste Mhuire Mullingar and Adam O'Brien of St Aidan's Whitehall.

Also out on his own was Glenn Gaffney of Coláiste Mhuire Mullingar, winner of the U15 800m.

Closest competition in the field events came in the U15 javelin with Michael Kane of CBC Monkstown throwing 31.60 metres for victory over Iaon Craciun of St Aidan's who threw 31.43. Ben Mahon of St Fintan's was third.

Soaring over 1.50m in the U14 high jump was Igor Slosarski of St Joseph's Drogheda. 'The Joeys' had another good win in the U17 high with Mark Rogers proving the quality of the competition.

Making it a St Fintan's double in the U17 800m were Cillian Kirwan and Eoin Strutt, while taking both the U14 and U15 4 x 100m relays were well-drilled squads from Clonkeen College. Best school overall was St Aidan's CBS Whitehall.


U14 - 100m: Justin Keogh (Clonkeen); 2 Jamie Fallon (CBS Bray); 3 Darren Redmond (St Aidan's. 800m: 1 S Howard (Bray); 2 Darren Redmond (St Aidan's); 3 M Byrne (St Fintan's). 1500m: 1 Michael Murray (Col Choilm Mullingar); 2 Joseph Hession (St Aidan's); 3 Sean Carrig (St Aidan's). High jump: 1 Igor Slosarski (St Joseph's Drogheda); 2 Finn Whelan ((St Kevin's); 3 Jack McHugh (Oatlands). Long jump: 1 Jamie Fallon (Bray); 2 Craig Hayes CBS Kilkenny); 3 Jim Kennedy (Clonkeen). Shot: 1 Robert Doyle (CBC Monkstown); 2 Niall Oshaf (St Fintan's); 3 Muhammed Saleem (Bray). Javelin: 1 Muhammed Saleem (Bray); 2 C Gleeson (Oatlands); 3 J Mockler (Bray).

4x100m: 1 Clonkeen; 2 St Aidan's; 3 St Fintan's. Medley Relays: 1 S Aidan's A, 2 St Aidan's B; 3 CBC Monkstown.

U15 - 100m: 1 Ryan Murray (Enniscorthy); 2 Cillian Waldron (Clonkeen); 3 Nathan Hamilton (Bray). 800m: 1 Glenn Gaffney (Mullingar); 2 Kevin Doran (St Fintan's); 3 Dylan Gibbon (Ard Scoil Ris). 1500m: 1 Cathal Doyle (Col Choilm Swords); 2 Senan Lynam (Col Mhuire Mullingar); 3 Adam O'Brien (St Aidan's). High jump: 1 Doumontos Butkus (Oatlands); 2 Cian Fox-Walsh (Clonkeen); 3 Conor Kavanagh (St Aidan's). Long jump: 1 Conor Dempsey (Bray); 2 Stephen Hanley (Clonkeen); 3 Simon Power (Bray). Shot: 1 Michael Frawley (CBC Monkstown); 2 Addrej Belvonsik (St Aidan's); 3 Eoin Clarke (CBC Monkstown). Javelin: 1 Michael Kane (CBC Monkstown); 2 Ioan Craciun (St Aidan's); 3 Ben Mahon (St Fintan's). 4 x 100m: 1 Clonkeen, 2 CBC Monkstown, 3 St Aidan's. Medley relay: 1 Col Mhuire Mullingar , 2 St Fintan's, 3 CBC Monkstown.

U17 - 100m: Manuel Kagualko (St Joseph's Drogheda); 2 Sean O'Driscoll (St Fintan's); 3 Stephen O'Connor (Col Choilm Swords). 800m: 1 Cillian Kirwan (St Fintan's); 2 Eoin Strutt (St Fintan's); 3 Mark Rogers (St Joseph's Drogheda). 1500m: 1 Padraig Moran (Col Mhuire Mullingar); 2 Pierre Muchan (St Declan's); 3 Adam Foley (Ard Scoil Ris). 3000m: 1 Ryan Bundell (Col Mhuire Mullingar); 2 Eoin Lynam (Col Mhuire Mullingar); 3 Dylan Kirwan (St Fintan's). High jump: 1 Mark Rogers (St Joseph's Drogheda); 2 Adam Doran (Col Phádraig); 3 Sean Smith (CBC Monkstown). Long jump: 1 James Byrne (CBC Monkstown); 2 Josh O'Hanlon (St Aidan's); 3 Adam Doran (Col Phádraig). Shot: 1 Michael Curley (St Aidan's); 2 Javel Surys (Oatlands); 3 Cillian Dunne (St Fintan's). Javelin: 1 J Fisher (St Fintan's); 2 J Surys (Oatlands); 3 B Byrne (Clonkeen). 4x100m: 1 CBC Monkstown, 2 St Joseph's Drogheda, 3 St Aidan's. Medley relay: 1 1 St Fintan's, 2 CBC Monkstown; 3 St Aidan's.

U19 - 100m: 1 Tony Stafford (Enniscorthy CBS); 2 Conor Wilson (Wexford); 3 Conor Byrne (St Aidan's). 800m: 1 Patrick Fagan (Col Mhuire Mullingar); 2 Chris Finn (Potlaosie CBS); 3 Conor Kenny (St Aidan's). 1500m: 1 Kevin Dooney (CBC Monkstown); 2 Chris Finn (Portlaoise CBS); 3 Colm O'Leary (St Fintan's). 3000m: 1 Kevin Dooney (CBC Monkstown); 2 Ian Guidan (St Aidan's); 3 David Mulhare (Portlaoise CBS). High jump: 1 Lorcan Murphy (Bray); 2 Themba Nkola (Oatlands); 3 Cian Roche (CBC Monkstown). Long jump: 1 Tony Stafford (Enniscorthy); 2 Lorcan Murphy (Bray); 3 Themba Nkola (Oatlands). Shot: 1 Eoin McKeever (CBC Monkstown); 2 Josh Brown (CBC Monkstown); 3 Adam Crosbie (St Joseph's Drogheda). Javelin: 1 T O'Sullivan (St Fintan's) 2 N O'Donnell (St Aidan's); 3 E Thomas (St Aidan's). 4 x 100m: 1 St Aidan's, 2 Clonkeen, 3 CBC Monkstown. Medley relay: 1 St Fintan's ,2 Col Mhuire Mullingar, 3 St Aidan's.

Best overall school - St Aidan's CBS Whitehall.

3 Video of yesterday's CBS CHAMPIONSHIPS at the YouTube channel DroghedaTV