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Djokovic gets away from Becker in Buddhist temple

As Wimbledon officials prepare to dish out fines to players heard swearing on court, it's unlikely that they'll have any problem with defending champion Novak Djokovic. Having already shrugged off accusations that he receives advice illegally from his coaching team during matches, the exasperated Serbian has revealed that, while at Wimbledon, he visits a Buddhist temple where he relaxes and meditates in peaceful surroundings. With a third Wimbledon title his target, the monks at the nearby Buddhapadipa Temple can expect a few visits from the World No. 1 even if it's just to escape the pressures of scrutiny inadvertently piled on the player by the revelations of his head coach Boris Becker (left) who rashly revealed: "There are special ways of communication.

"That's something that just gives you reassurance, gives you confidence."

Becker won't be displeased if the fuss helps sales of his new book.