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Come and 'ave a go if you think you're hard enough

Some 5,000 'Tough Guys' from across the globe took part in an extreme obstacle course on Sunday in northern England, over a tough course in Perton, South Staffordshire, which included muddy climbs and wading through icy waters.


The 12.9km event has been dubbed the "most dangerous taste of mental and physical pain".

Upon entering the race, competitors are required to sign a disclaimer form that organisers jokingly call the 'Death Warrant', complete with skull and cross bones.

The event was founded in the 1980s by an ex-soldier who was worried British men were losing their "manliness".

"There's a bit of pain, a bit of cold ... Can't beat it, can you?" said one man, before taking on the course which included high wires, barbed wire and fire.

Freezing temperatures this year added to the extreme test of the physical endurance of the competitors, with participants having to wade through water and bogs, breaking the ice on the surface as they went.

"It is my third time and definitely the coldest," said one man after he crossed the finish line.

Approximately 4,600 of those who took part in the 24th annual Tough Guy event completed the challenge, while around 600 dropped out before the finish, organisers said.

The course cost around £1m to build.