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Coffeehouse coming to the boil in Raheny

The fifth and final event in the Fixx Coffeehouse Cyclo-Cross Series closes off the league in St Anne's Park, Raheny tomorrow.

No questions as to who has won the series outright. Robin Seymour made light work of the opposition over the series. He has won the four previous races in the competition over the past two months. There is no earthly reason why he should not complete the grand slam.

Back in January of this year, St Anne's Park was used for the National Championships and proved to be an ideal venue.

Team WORC, the organisers, are sticking to the course they used in the park on that occasion. According to a spokesperson for the club, "If it is not broken, why fix it?"

Despite the dominance of Seymour, he can still expect a strong challenge on the day.