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Chinese officials charged

Three ex-members of China's football association have been arrested on corruption charges as the league pledged to clear up its corruption.

Ex-Chinese Football Association (CFA) boss Nan Yong, one-time vice-chief Yang Yimin and just-sacked refereeing head Zhang Jianqiang were arrested on Monday on match-fixing and bribe-taking charges.

The three were detained in January and stripped of their posts in an expanding probe into corruption in Chinese football that has made the game a laughing stock among beleaguered fans.

"Nan Yong and the others have violated the law; they must bear the legal responsibility. We fully support the actions of the police," newly appointed CFA head Wei Di said.

Wei said his main task now is to set up a supervisory system that "would prevent this situation from recurring", but he gave no specifics.

Last week two top Chinese football clubs were fined and relegated for paying bribes, while a second-tier club was stripped of its right to field a team.

The CFA began investigating corruption in the sport in 2006 after allegations of organised gambling, crooked referees and match-fixing.