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Carlton skipper sorry for making fans Blue

Carlton captain Chris Judd has written to the 300-plus Blues supporters who had registered their disapproval with the Aussie Rules club over its players' pre-Christmas behavioural problems.

Judd has told the supporters the players took "full responsibility for what was clearly inappropriate behaviour at our pre-Christmas function" and that the leadership group took "extra blame".

After the December 19 boat cruise, senior players Ryan Houlihan and Andrew Walker found themselves in a drunken confrontation with security at Crown's Promenade Hotel, and Eddie Betts was locked up for public drunkenness. The three were each fined A$5,000 under the AFL's code of conduct, were suspended from the club for a month and have been made unavailable for selection in the NAB Cup. On the cruise, rookie-listed player Levi Casboult was handcuffed to a seasoned drinker and pressured into drinking heavily.