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Button says witness the fitness

Jenson Button feels being arguably the fittest driver in Formula One also gives him a mental edge and keeps his nerves in check as he targets a second world title.

Button has become a supreme athlete since teaming up with personal trainer Mikey Collier in 2008, combining his F1 exploits with competing in triathlons.

As both Button and Collier claim, being so physically adept makes driving the car easy and leads to swift decisions on track, an aspect of racing the 32-year-old has become renowned for.

"When I do my fitness training it helps me mentally as much as physically," Button said. "Because I know I'm fit, I know everything I do in a Formula One car is easy after the training I do.

"Mentally it does help me a lot, and knowing I'm also putting the right stuff into my body really makes a difference.

"I don't feel lethargic very often, and that's important."