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Button hits out at 'No2' critic Irvine

Jenson Button has hit back at outspoken Eddie Irvine after the former Ferrari driver this week criticised the McLaren star as "the best number two" in Formula One.

The 45-year-old Irishman further claimed that "Jenson is doing nothing special.

"He just does a reasonable job."

Irvine added: "He knows he will never again be world champion and he drives accordingly."

Irvine's comments fly in the face of what many believe is one of Button's best seasons, as he is on course to become the first team-mate to beat Lewis Hamilton over a campaign.

Button, with a degree of sarcasm, said: "Why is Eddie still taking about Formula One? Is he missing it?

"It's very sweet, though. All I can say is that it was fun winning the championship, and I hope to do it again."

Europe ready for Irish reign

Europe captain Alison Nicholas is prepared for everything the Irish weather can throw at her team at the Solheim Cup this weekend.

The teams' practice sessions at Killeen Castle have been conducted largely in wet conditions and the forecast for the three days of competition indicates more rain could be on the way.

Nicholas said: "I think they have contingency plans because obviously that could have been a possibility.

"The weather forecast tends to change on a daily basis, so they'll be monitoring it.

"And if we have to go Monday, we'll have to go Monday," Nicholas added.