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Button calls for driver help on rules

The FIA never thought to ask the drivers of Formula One's 200mph machines what they thought of the new rules. The result was almost two hours of tedium in Bahrain.

Jenson Button, Britain's world champion, believes that his opinion could help the sport's world governing body to avoid another big mistake if there has to be a revision of the new regulations.

The drivers were not included in discussions that led to the banning of refuelling and new, narrower tyres, which make overtaking next to impossible.

The FIA is resisting calls to change the rules before Sunday's Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, and Button believes they should be given a chance this weekend and in Malaysia a week later.

"The drivers have a good understanding of the possibilities of improving the car, as we know what we need to overtake," he said. "If the next two races are also not very exciting then we need to look at the options."