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Bright outlook as county hits the high notes

THE cherry blossoms were blooming on the Knapton Road in Dun Laoghaire. The birds were singing. But not as sweetly as Patricia Timmins on the car CD.

The scent of summer was in the air. The sod is getting firmer and there's an extra spring in the bounce of the sliotar.

Patrica's mother, Kay, Mrs T, was a brilliant administrator. One of the best the city has ever known. The Dublin Féile Skills trophy honours her memory.

Patricia has a golden voice. But she also had a golden touch. She has a cluster of All-Ireland medals in the cabinet.

Sometime ago, Patricia released a CD, 'Swan Song'. Today, it continues to provide a welcome escape from the busy bustle of life.

Nothing cheers the climate like the darling buds of May. The Camogie President, Aileen Lawlor, was at last week's Allianz Cumann na mBunscol finals in Croke Park.

The quality on display pleased her no end. And the effort continues through all the grades.

Early Sunday mornings in the Phoenix Park. The frost and snow. Parents up with the deer and Sunday Miscellany.

The beat goes on. Last year's All-Ireland U16 success hit the right note. This season's minor victory over Kilkenny at St David's was magnificent.

All chiselled from the coal face they call hard work. The minors subsequently didn't get the rub of the blue, but there will be better days to come.

It's the little steps that count. Dublin camogie is edging back towards the summit. The foundation has never been better.

Like Patricia Timmins, the craft is in good voice. Patricia is a mezzo-soprano. She has the perfect pitch. And Dublin camogie has earned its place in the choir.