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Bogaerts backs An Post to deliver Downey

Planes, trains and buses all played there part in getting the An Post/ Sean Kelly/Grant Thornton Team to the fixtures they participated in during this season, which ends for them on Tuesday.

They certainly came of age with a successful season of racing that had them in the mix with race and stage wins.

They aim to end the season on a high in the Putte-Kappelen UCI 1.1 on Tuesday.

Team manager Kurt Bogaerts has pinned his colours to the mast as Donegal's Ronan McLaughlin leads the squad.

It has been a successful year for Ronan (and his mam and dad are now regular competitors in the veteran categories).

He is joined in the squad by English duo Andy Fenn and Mark McNally and Belgians Niko Eeckhout, Pieter Ghyllebert and Kevin Claeys.

Bogaerts is confident that the team will be there in the final shake-up on Tuesday and is also looking beyond the last event of the season.

"Like every season, there will be changes of personnel. One guy who has impressed me a lot is Sean Downey so hopefully we can sign him -- we will see," he said. "The rest of the guys will have a month or so off to rest and then it's back into training camps in December."