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Board find the right balance in money matters

BACK in the black -- the Dublin Pitch and Putt County Board.

The year 2010 will make for good reading in the Board's financial times.

Last year was a difficult one, yet only a small loss was made, paving the way for a brighter balance sheet come the close of business in 2009.

Last season, sponsorship dipped considerably and there was also the expense of purchasing equipment and clothing. Officials are now confident that the pounds and the pence will be humming a sweeter tune this time.

The U16s are already singing. Their league has once again got the green light. It's likely to take place between May 8 and June 19. Details will be confirmed next month.

And the new Dublin Inter-Country Trials process will also be turning into cement.

Trials will be conducted on a points basis within existing calendar events and not specifically organised competitions.