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Becks now has jesus on his side

David Beckham just can't help himself. Even in sub-zero temperatures in Turin, he had to strip off to give everyone a good look at the latest addition to his tattoo collection.

The soccer superstar revealed a large black and white etching of Jesus on his lower right abdomen, taken from a painting by Matthew R Brooks called The Man Of Sorrows.

In the image, Jesus is seen wearing a crown of thorns as he sits bent over.

The English footballer flashed the new piece of body art when he took his top off after playing for AC Milan -- and we've included the picture of his honed torso after requests from female readers (see, we do listen).

This is Beckham's third tattoo featuring Christian iconography. The 34-year-old also has a crucifix on the back of his neck and a guardian angel between his shoulders, which is framed by the names of two of his sons, Cruz and Romeo.

Despite his apparent interest in Christianity, Beckham has previously revealed he has a strong link to Judaism and wore a skullcap to his grandfather's funeral last month.

Both of Beckham's arms are covered in sleeve tattoos, several of which pay tribute to his wife Victoria, and he has various other etchings on his back and shoulders.

"When you see me, you see the tattoos. You see an expression of how I feel about Victoria and the boys. They're part of me," he said in his autobiography, Both Feet On The Ground.

He has previously spoken out about his obsession with getting new inkings, saying he is addicted to the pain of the needle.