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Audley talks of Klitschko shot

IF AUDLEY Harrison could fight as well as he can talk, he would surely have claimed a world heavyweight title by now.

The 38-year-old Londoner believes a win over Poland's Albert Sosnowski for the European title on April 9 will earn him a straight shot at one of the Klitschko brothers.

Harrison says he's not interested in fighting fellow Briton David Haye for the WBA title, but wants a crack at IBF titleholder Wladimir Klitschko or his older brother Vitali, the WBA champion.


"The heavyweight division is desperately looking for marquee names and, no disrespect to David Haye, but no one in the US is talking about him. They're all talking about the Klitschkos," said Harrison.

The 2000 Olympic gold medallist, who is 26-4 as a professional, admitted he nearly walked away from boxing and gave up on his dream of becoming a world champion.

"I was a shell and I had no desire," he revealed. "I was a totally broken man and it took a lot of soul-searching to discover if I still wanted to achieve my goals. Now my moment of destiny is real close. If Albert Sosnowski beats me to a pulp, I will know it's over, as I'm 100 per cent physically, mentally and spiritually ready to win."