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Armstrong tops Irish rankings

Eurocycles' Adam Armstrong topped the rankings of Cycling Ireland this season with a whopping 118 points.

His nearest challenger was Sean Lacey of the Edge Cycle Club with 80 points, with Paidí O'Brien back on 66 points.

Armstrong's team failed to reach the dizzy heights of the 2010 season, when they amassed over 33 wins. But the top ranking will ease their pain.

Team manager, Herbie Monks, said: "In 2010, we were the team to beat, and this season we got off to a flyer. Conor Murohy was in great form along with Adam, and in the first month of the season everything was going our way.

"But in the inaugural An Post Rás, the wheels came off the wagon.

"During the first few days we were very competitive. The odds were in our favour of winning the top team in the county award and Adam was in the top 10 in the general classification.

"But during the end of the event Eurocycles were off the leaderboard. From a team of six we were reduced to two members. And the rest is history.

"Towards the latter end of the season we got back on track, but the biggies had escaped us.

"Still, that is the way the dice rolled. Hopefully next year we will pick up the pieces and get back in the winning groove."

I have a feeling that Eurocycles will be back in the big league next season.