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Ardboyne hosts MDL's 34th AGM

The 34th Annual General Meeting takes place on Tuesday 28 May in the Ardboyne Hotel Navan.

The main item to be considered is a possible change of season in line with the League Of Ireland, so a full attendance is anticipated.

The full list of motions due for consideration are as follows -

1. That we change the structure of our season, replacing November, December, January and February with May, June, July and August thus playing a complete season in one calendar year.

Season to start early March and finish end of October. Change to stay in effect for three full seasons at which point a review would take place.

Transition season would consist of one round of games(with no relegation or promotion) to be run between August and December.

Submitted by Torro United.

2. Any club that has more than two teams shall be required to regrade each player to the next graded team e.g. a first team player may only drop to the clubs second team before the same player can play for the clubs thirds, etc.

Therefore any clubs team player who's last game was with their first team who has been injured or absent must return to the clubs second team before any further regrade of the player.

Submitted by Kilmessan

3. We would like to propose that the C Reserve Group A and C Reserve Group B are made into two separate divisions eg. C Reserve and D Reserve.

We propose this to allow promotion and relegation to be more straight forward and the same for every division and every team.

To allow this we suggest that the top five from each group to be put in the C Reserve and the bottom five from each Group to go into the D Reserve to allow for evenly matched leagues. Submitted by Boyne Valley.

4. All semi-final matches in knockout competitions to be staged at neutral venues.

Submitted by Laurence's FC.

5 All Cup Games shall be run as same as L.F.A & F.A.I Cup Competitions eg. If Pitch unplayable, Match is reversed automatically. Submitted By: MDL Committee 2012/13.

gerry gorman