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Aldo v McGregor on as scan reveals bruising

Featherweight champion Jose Aldo plans to fight Dubliner Conor McGregor at UFC 189 on July 11 despite getting hurt in training.

If Aldo decides he can't participate in the UFC's biggest bout of the summer, Chad Mendes will fight McGregor for the interim 145-pound title, the UFC announced last night.

Brazilian news outlets reported that Aldo (25-1) broke one of his ribs in training recently, but the UFC says several doctors determined Aldo has only a bruised rib and a cartilage injury.

Aldo has told UFC President Dana White that he'll fight the provocative Irishman in the main event of their much-hyped pay-per-view show in Las Vegas. McGregor (17-2) has won 13 straight fights.

Mendes' two losses to Aldo are the only defeats of his mixed martial arts career.

Aldo's sparring partner, Alcides Nunes, had been mimicking McGregor's spinning back kick when he slipped on a sweaty mat and accidentally caught undefeated Aldo in the ribs.

"I threw a kick but slipped with all the sweat on the mat, and ended up hitting his rib," Nunes said. "I was mimicking McGregor's unorthodox style, things he does in the fight. I'm also left-handed, my style is similar to his."

McGregor further provoked the injured Brazilian this morning when he tweeted: "It turned out he just had a little period pain."