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Aer Lingus fly to the top of the table

Successive wins over Queen's and the Jets have put Aer Lingus on top of volleyball's men's Premier 32 league.

With just two losses from eight matches, the north Dublin team is now two points clear of the Ulster Elks on 20 points. Since they lost to CbPhoto last October and then to the Ulster Elks in November they have put together a series of wins and are clearly the team to beat.

Their biggest threat could come from the Ballymun Patriots who, like them, have lost only two matches this season, but who have a match in hand. In October, Aer Lingus had a closely fought win over Ballymun; they play the return fixture on March 21.

Fighting to survive at the bottom of the table are Queen's who have only won a single match this year, and UCD, with two wins. Leading division one under its new format are White Eagles from Dublin.

Another critical match in the next few weeks will see Aer Lingus play the Elks on March 7. The final round of matches is scheduled for April 11.

Whatever happens, one Aer Lingus team looks likely to take a title, with the women unbeaten so far this season in their Premier 32 campaign.

Indeed only Newbridge Wild Cats have managed to take a set off them.

Currently in second place are Clondalkin-based DVC, who have lost only to the Wildcats and to Aer Lingus this season.

Tallaght Rockets, who won division one last year, look like holding on to their top flight place. They are currently in third position and pushed DVC to a tense five-setter a few weeks ago. They beat both TCD and Queen's last week.

At the bottom of the table, Trinity have won only one match this season. They could find themselves replaced by CBphoto Limerick who top the division one table and have won all nine of their matches to date. At the end of the month, they are drawn to play Tallaght Rockets in an intriguing Association Cup second round match.