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Ace Murphy hits top form for Oatlands

ROSS MURPHY of Oatlands proved the star of the second Leinster Schools Indoor Archery shoot hosted by St Columba's College, Whitechurch, Dublin.

Murphy, shooting in the A grade for the first time, scored an impressive 497 out of a possible 600 -- enough to send him into the elite class for the next round.

Murphy has made steady improvement over the past year and, at the opening indoor shoot of the season last month, won promotion to grade A after winning grade C with a total of 499.

Also winning promotion for his score of 486 was Emmett Byrne of Mount Temple, who began his archery career at primary school.

Dublin Schools Archery Series Results

Elite: A Kennedy (St Brendan's) 423. A: 1 R Murphy (Oatlands) 497; 2 E Byrne (Mt Temple) 486; 3 J Huggard (St Columba's) 468. B: 1 T Owen (St Michael's) 459; 2 D McKenna (St Michael's) 416; 3 N Lawlor (St Michael's) 353. C: 1 C Bongo (Oatlands) 459; 2 C Buckley (Oatlands) 347. D: 1 A McQuillan (St Michael's) 362; 2 K Dolan (Blackheath) 321; 3 A Wilson (Otlands) 319.

Beginners - Sen: 1 C O Feinnioch (Oatlands) 428; 2 C Bodnariue (Oatlands) 425; 3 K McCaffrey (Oatlands) 389. Jun: 1 J Stokes ( St Columba's) 463; 2 I Scaife ( St Michael's) 454; 3 J McKenna (St Michael's) 450. Hot shot: Senior - J Huggard; Junior - I Scaife. Team - Oatlands (Murphy, Bongo, O Feinnioch, Bodnariue).