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One Moment in Time at Fab Féile Final Day with fun for all

ONE moment stood out from the carnival.

It was the spectacular AIG Dublin Féile weekend.

The figures made for impressive reading. 54 teams. Over 1,200 players.

Seven divisions. Nine different venues.

Big crowds. A thousand cups of tea. A million sandwiches.

Matches won and lost. Joy and tears.

Memories that will linger until it's time for the children to collect the pension. If there will be a pension to collect!

A spirit that will echo through the decades. Goodwill and sportsmanship.

Mentors embracing.


The sense that winning is not the be-all, and end-all of life.

There are more important things. Sport was meant to be fun.

Very often that gets forgotten in the small print of the result.

On the finals day, one girl showed what sport, and life, should be all about.

Her team-mate missed a chance for a goal. The little girl was upset. But not for long.

Over came her colleague and put her arms around her.

It was a gesture that was worth a million goals. And a thousand medals.

A caring child showed the adults the way home. Her kindly deed lived on long after the cheers died away.

A true champion.