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Nóirín salutes the vision of the force

NIGHT had fallen in. A new dawn at Westmanstown.

The big reception room just inside the main door was packed.

Paul Curran was in the audience. Julie Kavanagh too.

Out in the wide corridors, children happily played. In time, they could fill Paul and Julie's cultured boots.

The GAA president, Liam O'Neill, raised a chuckle. Liam said it was important to always have a plan. It points the way.

He told a story of the American tourist approaching a bus inspector in Dublin many years ago.

"Why do you bother having a time-table when all your buses are late," asked the visitor.

To which the inspector replied: "Sure, how would we know they were late if we didn't have a time-table!"

The Commissioner, Nóirín O'Sullivan, was right on time for the launch of the Garda Westmanstown Gaels document, entitled Pursuit of Success 2015-2018.

"I see so many young people here. They are the future. It's all about remembering and honouring the past and making the best of the present," stated Noirin.

"There is such a history of GAA in the Garda club. We are all walking on the shoulders of giants.

"The GAA is the glue than bonds communities together. The GAA welcomes everybody.

"It is all about helping people be the best they can be. That is what the An Garda Síochána is about too.

"In life and in sport, no matter what level you are at, being the best that you can be is such an admirable goal to have."

John Costello wasn't a bad full-forward. They didn't call him the 'Bomber' for nothing.

The Dublin county board's chief executive recalled fondly his days at Isles and the contribution the Gardai made to the club.

John then hailed the legacy of the former Garda and one of the proud pillars of Parnell Park, Seán O'Mahony. The place hasn't been the same since his passing.

John also credited the part the late, great Andy Kettle played in helping the Gaels with their efforts. The Westmanstown chairman, John Kissane, praised the sterling work of Maureen King and Chris O'Brien, who drove through the plan. And he thanked all the members for their efforts and co-operation.

"We feel that the next three years will be proud ones for the club," said John.