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No hard feelings as Paidi parties with champs

KERRY legend Paidi O Se has joined in with the Dublin celebrations.

He went against his native county to predict a Dublin win on Sunday so it's no wonder he was welcomed into the capital's camp for the post-match pints.

The legendary footballer arrived into a popular Dublin GAA haunt to congratulate Bernard Brogan and his teammates as they toasted their All-Ireland win.

Turning up to The Boar's Head on Capel Street, Paidi continued what has become an annual tradition for the star -- drinking with his city pals in the aftermath of the big game.

"It's nothing new for me to celebrate with Dublin players after the game. There is an outstanding relationship between Kerry and Dublin -- once the game is over and everyone's off the field, we all get on brilliantly," he explained to the Herald. Over 200 fans packed into the pub and Paidi was delighted to share a toast with Blues manager Pat Gilroy.