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New man only second choice -- and he lacks necessary experience

BRENDAN Rodgers is one of a wave of young and forward-looking managers which has emerged in recent weeks, but I wonder whether he's the right man for Liverpool.

Personally, I would like to have seen someone with a lot of experience and a lot of success under his belt taking over.

Liverpool supporters are still trying to get to grips with the fact that Kenny Dalglish got his marching orders and I suspect they expected a bigger name than either Rodgers or Roberto Martinez to be in the frame for the job.

But they are a patient lot, the Kop, and they will give the man time, I have no doubt about that. He will need every second he can get!

Obviously, John Henry and FSG have made a decision to start something new at Anfield and try to build with Rodgers from the ground up.

But from all I've seen and heard in the last week, Martinez was the man they really wanted which makes Rodgers second choice.

I like Rodgers and I like what he has done at Swansea. It is clear that FSG liked what they saw in the two games against Liverpool during the season.

The fact that Swansea passed Liverpool off the park in both games obviously alerted them to the Rodgers possibility.

But it's one thing working your way up through promotion and into a successful first Premier League season but it's another thing entirely to take a big club on.

Liverpool need to be fighting in the top four and nowhere else and Rodgers has no experience of what that means and how big the pressure will be.

That said, he always looks calm and reserved, both on and off the pitch and that is certainly a good sign.

Much will depend on the plans he has for the squad and how much money he will be given to put his own stamp on things.


He may look to Swansea for some of the men who helped him there, but he needs a much higher quality player to make Liverpool great again.

As always in these situations, all we can do is wait and see. There will be intense pressure on him, especially given the shoes he is trying to fill.

Comparisons with Dalglish will come quick and fast when the new season gets under way and Rodgers could really do with a strong start.

But nothing is ever guaranteed and his priority in the summer will be to figure out who he needs from the current pool and who he should let go.

The European Championships will offer a great menu to choose from and if he gets enough money to spend, I would love to see him add another five or six top players, although it might take a bit longer than a few months to achieve that.