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Week 16: Now is the time to fine-tune the master plan for race day


  Sabrina Carey, from Elverys' Power Team, with Team Herald's Jennifer Reid

Sabrina Carey, from Elverys' Power Team, with Team Herald's Jennifer Reid

Sabrina Carey, from Elverys' Power Team, with Team Herald's Jennifer Reid

It's almost time to put all that hard training to use and with the start line now in view, it is best to make a race-day checklist.

Even a mental list will reduce any last-minute chaos and allow you prepare correctly for race day. Remember, if there is a glitch in your active wardrobe, fix it sooner rather than later.

With the Woman's World Show running for the days preceding race day, there is still an opportunity to stock up on any last-minute products you might need. Not only can Elverys Sports expert staff offer you advice, but they can provide free services such as gait analysis, FootBalance 100pc customised insole analysis and Shock Absorber sports bra fitting. These services will help you to make the most informed and appropriate choice. Elverys don't want you to break the bank, so are offering €12.50 off Shock Absorber sports bras, 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' on ProTouch socks and 'Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price' on footwear and apparel.

You have trained hard enough to be entitled to enjoy the experience in both comfort and style, so dress accordingly. Layer up if needed and always bring a rain jacket. With affordable yet stylish brands such as ProTouch, you have no reason to compromise your health or performance. Keep your post-race wardrobe in mind also and pack items of clothing which will keep you warm, dry and happy.

enjoyment Having a race-weekend schedule or at least a rough plan formulated will be hugely beneficial when it comes to race-day enjoyment.

Reduce your anticipation or worry by joining the enthusiastic Elverys Sports Power Team on the warm-up stage on race day from 12pm. We are a team of fitness enthusiasts who will keep you bopping pre-race to the best beats. We want to get your blood pumping, elevate your heart rate, increase your breathing rate and start to prepare your muscles for the activity that lies ahead. So, if you want your body and mind to be relaxed and race-ready then come find us and limber up!

If times get tough during the race, focus on the positive -remember all the training you have put in, look to others for inspiration or remind yourself why you are doing this. You are the lucky one, you get to do this. If all else fails, know that you are getting closer to the finish line with every step. The pain you feel is temporary and, as we all know, pride is forever!

When you get to collect your medal, soak up the feeling of your achievement - you deserve it. With your body having done the hard work, be sure to reward it with rest and recovery in the days following the race. Massage, foam rolling, pool sessions and stretching all help. Be proud of what you have achieved and excited about what lies ahead. What's your next goal? #ThinkFinishLine