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Week 14: Make sure you're fully prepared to cross the finish line in style


Sabrina with the Herald runners

Sabrina with the Herald runners

Sabrina with the Herald runners

LADIES, it’s almost time to put all that hard training to use and with the week’s ticking away and race day nearing ever closer, excitement is building for all. But none more so than Elverys Sports as we prepare to greet all eager participants at registration days.

Staff are looking forward to offering their expert advice and providing free services to help you make the most informed and appropriate choices. At various registration locations, participants can expect to find some, if not all, of the following services: nutritional advice, gait analysis, footwear advice, analysis and moulding of FootBalance 100pc customised insoles, Shock Absorber sports bra fitting, advice and tips from the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) and self massage and foam rolling demonstrations by a Trigger Point representative. However, if advice and free services weren’t enough, Elverys is also offering excellent discounts with 20pc off or better across everything, exclusively to race participants.

There is also a huge saving of €12.50 off Shock Absorber sports bras from now until June 1 in all Elverys stores. Avail of a free sports bra fitting from a trained staff member at any of the pick-up locations.

Most of you will be putting a big focus on injury prevention in the lead up to race day, so ensuring your feet are protected is a must. Elverys Sports offer all year round free gait analysis to help you select the correct footwear for your individual needs and a FootBalance analysis and moulding process, which will allow for improved performance and a customised fit.

To accompany your customised footwear, there is the choice of a large range of technical socks to ensure utmost comfort. There will be excellent value with ProTouch socks buy-one-get-one-free at race pack collection. Remember, the correct socks are as important as your footwear, so choose from padded, seam-free, odour-treated, compression, ventilated or braced arches, depending on your individual preference.

Look fit because you are fit by wearing some of the amazing colours and styles available in the current apparel ranges. From muted tones to neon colours, plain to patterned, short to long, tight to loose. The ranges are designed with ladies of all sizes and shapes in mind so let our friendly and helpful staff find what best suits you. Style and performance means comfort and confidence.

When choosing your outfit, there is an important factor to consider — the Irish weather! With nothing a certainty, it is important to always cover all eventualities. A lightweight rain jacket with breathable vents will protect if windy or wet, a base layer or a number a light layers will ensure good temperature regulation and accessories like water bottles, hats, sweatbands and sunglasses will help protect from the sun and heat.

So whether it pours rain, the sun shines or its freezing cold, you can cross the finish line like a professional. Remember to check out elverysblog.com for more updates and news.

I’m looking forward to meeting participants, friends and family at the various registration locations and expos. 

Happy continued preparation!