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Ruth Scott: This is your World Cup final - so lace up!


2fm's Ruth Scott prepares for the Women's Mini-Marthon at Montrose

2fm's Ruth Scott prepares for the Women's Mini-Marthon at Montrose

2fm's Ruth Scott prepares for the Women's Mini-Marthon at Montrose

It's already time to dig out the trainers for the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon. Yes, even if you're still feeling the (delayed) effects of Christmas.

I know plenty of houses that have a selection box or two tucked away on top of a kitchen press for desperate moments!

In the interests of full disclosure, I still have a bag of plastic sweets left over from Halloween.

From time to time I feel the lure of their sweetness. I'm thinking of tying them, like a carrot on a stick, to hurry me along with my training for the mini marathon.

Fear not ladies; we have 14 weeks to go. Yes, plenty of you have been running for ages, or even months, or even since January 1. I salute you!

Even if you're new to the whole thing, let me briefly explain that the women's mini marathon, and its new sponsor Vhi, is the biggest women's event in the world.

Sisters unite!

There's loads of serious stuff about how much money is generated for charities, how amazing the effects of regular exercise are.

But forget about all that for a minute.

Imagine if you will, a day where in your imagination Ireland are in the World Cup final, and Johnny Logan is representing the country one more time for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Imagine that the Government has announced the creation of five more bank holidays and imagine that chocolate is actually a health food.

If you can bottle that feeling, that's what it feels like when you're lining up with the other 40,000 women to take to the famous 10k route.

Won't ever make it to the Olympics or headline your own Croke Park gig? Don't worry; hundreds of people line the route to cheer you along.

Ladies, if you're feeling inspired and feel like this is your year, join me on the day.

Sign up now and make sure to listen to Ruth Scott (that's me!) and Paddy on weekends, Saturday and Sunday 2-5pm, on 2fm for some training tips and plenty of encouragement.