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Mini Marathon 2015: Maiden run for a new deserving foundation


Cathy Kelly and Susie Buttons

Cathy Kelly and Susie Buttons

Cathy Kelly and Susie Buttons

The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon was the first fundraising effort for the Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation, and it was an honour that it was chosen by the international best-selling author and revered angel communicator for its inaugural event.

Lorna is joined in this effort by equally renowned Irish author, Cathy Kelly, who is also a UNICEF Ambassador.

The foundation will support a number of charities who already focused on helping improve children’s lives. This year, the beneficiaries will be Blue Box Creative Therapy Centre in Limerick, Irish-founded development charity APA – A Partnership with Africa and UNICEF Ireland’s Syria Appeal. “I meet so many people involved in charity work both here in Ireland and abroad who say their organisations are crying out for people to support them,” says Lorna. “We all need to take action to help children who are in desperate need and I am so proud of all of my team members who have travelled near and far to be with me on this exciting day to do just this.”

That team is comprised of fans of Lorna’s books who have travelled from America, Denmark, Germany and Italy to be in Ireland and run in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.

The work of the foundation truly demonstrates the Irish heart at the centre of the event. “The Irish people are among the most philanthropic in the world, and taking care of kids around the world is so important to Irish people,” says Cathy. “I always feel it’s hard to be happy with our lives when some kids, here and abroad, live in fear or poverty. The message Lorna and is that every euro can make a difference.”

3To support the Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation see www.mycharity.ie/charity/lornabyrnechildrensfoundation.