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Michael's Afternoon Tea is a treat

IT'S been the sound of the summer for so long now. The Sunday Game theme of James Last.

And, over the decades, Michael Lyster has proved himself to be a genial studio conductor.

He's travelled a long road from the Tuam Sugar Factory, and his polished, relaxed presence makes him such an assured anchor.

Gay Byrne was one of his early heroes. And he learned much from Gaybo's preparation.

Seán Purcell was another idol of Michael. And the great Jim Carney too.

Michael followed Jim onto the Tuam Herald, and to the Sunday Game.

Michael's return to full fitness has cheered the country. And he was quick to highlight the value of first aid training.

Michael's wife, Anne, performed CPR on him, and he insists it saved his life.

Now he's urging everybody not just to think about getting first-aid training, but to actually go and do it.

Long may Michael continue to be the Sunday in every week.