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McNamee ire with Offaly over wait for new manager

OFFALY star, Niall McNamee, has threatened not to line out for his county next year in frustration at the county board's lengthy and fruitless attempts to appoint a new senior football manager.

McNamee was dismayed after his club manager with Rhode, Tom Coffey, pulled out of the race earlier this week, leaving former Dublin player, Jack Sheedy and Carbury boss, Stephen Darby as the remaining candidates.

"Right now I honestly don't feel like I will be playing for Offaly with the county board the way it is," said McNamee. "It's been a most unprofessional process that has dragged on far too long. Tom Cribbin stepped down in late July. By then this committee had already been set up to find a manager. And three months later, up to yesterday afternoon, they still hadn't found one."

FORMER Irish International Rules 'keeper, David Gallagher has been offered a chance to resurrect his inter-county career after being invited by Meath's management to attend pre-season training. This year's first-choice netminder, Brendan Murphy, is expected to retire from inter-county action.