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Mayo to find their way through the Kingdom

ALL roads lead to Limerick tomorrow for the All-Ireland semi-final replay between Kerry and Mayo. The dust has now settled after another turbulent week for the GAA following their decision not to schedule this game in Croke Park.

Last weekend's game finally injected some badly needed life into the football championship in what was a brilliant contest between both teams. It was a fascinating tactical battle between both managers who both enjoyed long periods of supremacy in the game.

Reflecting on the game coldly, it's hard to get away from the fact that Mayo let a five-point lead slip once again and question marks over their fragile state of mind must still be lingering.

Whilst you would have to admire their character in getting themselves into the driving seat from a five-ponit deficit and a man down (Lee Keegan), they will be disappointed they now have to travel to Limerick for another engagement with the Kingdom.


Kerry probably continue to over-achieve as a team and credit must go to Eamon Fitzmaurice in that regard.

Fitzmaurice will also have been disappointed this week with his tactical error is utilising the extra man very conservatively to protect his full-back line when the game was their for the taking.

Last weekend Mayo probably stumbled upon the best approach to this game when they went man-for-man after Keegan was sent off.

The use of Tom Cunniffe for the first half totally upset the shape of their team and they struggled moving the ball through the phases into their forward line.

I expect James Horan will trust Keith Higgins to do another good job on James O'Donoghue and allow his team push forward to try and dominate in the middle third.

If Mayo can control this area as they successfully did for much of the second half last Sunday, it will prove to be the winning of this game.

A hesitant vote once again goes to the men from the West.