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Mayo set for New York trip


CARE: James Horan. Pic: Sportsfile

CARE: James Horan. Pic: Sportsfile

CARE: James Horan. Pic: Sportsfile

James Horan has revealed precautions have been taken to ensure no repeat of the confusion that marked Mayo's last trip to New York for a Connacht SFC in the final season of his first reign as manager in 2014.

Mayo supporters at an event at the Dunwoodie Golf Club in Yonkers two days before Mayo convincingly defeated New York were left miffed after the non-appearance of members of the team, although Horan claimed at the time their absence had been flagged well in advance.

There were also issues over logistics regarding the transport of the squad after landing in New York.

"Just the logistics of getting over there and waiting for a bus and waiting to get some food," Horan explained.

"It had been quite a number of hours before we'd eaten, when you take plane food into account and all that sort of stuff.

"So it's small stuff like that but it can snowball a small bit.

"We've gone into good detail to make sure they're right this time."

Speaking at the launch of this year's Connacht SFC, Horan said he expected Tom Parsons to play some part in Mayo's season, although he would not be available for their opener in Gaelic Park on May 5.

"Tom hasn't played any football yet. Our medical team and physios are delighted with his progress, but he still has a way to go yet," he stated.

"He won't be playing against New York on May 5, and after that we have to see how our journey will go"