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Legendary Louise is Finglas 'role model'

DUBLIN'S Player-of-the-Decade, Louise O'Hara, doesn't blow the trumpet.

At Erin's Isle, her steps along the green-and-black road were inspired by the deeds and encouragement of people like Clare Donohoe.

Louise is one of the finest players to have ever worn the blue. Grace and genius in the same parcel. But that is only part of it.

Catherine Connaghan remembers one time when the Isle's seniors and juniors were training together.

Louise approached a young junior player and asked her name. "Glad to meet you, I'm Louise," replied the legend.

"The young girl in question knew who Louise was. Everybody does. And she couldn't believe how modest she was in introducing herself.

"But that's Louise. She doesn't assume anything. She is just such a lovely person.

"I couldn't praise her enough. She gives such encouragement. She is a role model for everybody at the club.


"All the young players look up to her. Even the fellas. I recall a hurling mentor saying to me once that he wished he could have Louise on his team. She's that good."

Her loyalty to club and county is also what makes her stand apart. And even when the day is grey, nobody is trying harder than this wizard of the ash.

She reads the play like it came from the pen of Maeve Binchy. And she can make the sliotar hum. Driving it long down the fairway or slipping a gentle pass that opens a window.

On and off the pitch, she is an All-Star in every way.

The Isle's faithful are in no doubt. The Cats might have their Angela Downey and Henry Shefflin, but Finglas has Louise O'Hara.