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Kilmacud and the Craobh show way

SOMETIMES, all it takes is a word. The right word.

A little solution to turning the key. Someone to turn to in times of trouble.

A problem shared is a problem snared. The burden eases. A different point of view. The mirror tilted at a new angle.

But getting people to talk about their difficulties is the hard bit.

Jim Gavin, Ger Cunningham and the Dubs headed up the 'I Do' campaign.

By saying 'I Do', all agreed that mental health is as important as physical health.

And the campaign is working.

"We have feedback and evidence that it has had a very positive effect on many families.

"And people are coming forward and starting to talk about their struggles," explains Mick O'Toole, PRO of the Dublin GAA Well-Being committee. Now Dublin has come up with another first in the area - this time in the Minor grade.

"This is a great initiative because this is the age-group that we are most concerned about," adds Mick.

Mick salutes the minors of Craobh Chiaráin and Kilmacud Crokes. (pictured above).


"Both Chiarain's and Crokes deserve to be congratulated. They are committed team-mates on the field of play, and also committed team-mates in the battle against depression in Ireland.

"The two teams wore the green ribbon to show their support for the campaign.

"It's all about encouraging players, squads, clubs and the entire Dublin GAA community to talk about mental health.

"Both Crokes and Chiaráins are currently implementing a progressive well-being agenda promoting positive mental health.

"The clubs are committed to building supports and resilience within their clubs and communities under the auspices of the Dublin GAA Health and Well-Being committee and the Croke Park National Health and Well-Being committee."

The message is that it's ok to admit that you are not ok. And that it's good to talk.

Somebody might be troubled with anxiety.

Perhaps about a situation in school, work, at home or whatever.

Yet when that voice gets the courage to utter its first few words and finds a listening ear, it more often than not helps to lift the clouds and brightens the future.

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