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Keoghan: My record with Dubs stands up

KEN Keoghan was on the O'Toole Park terrace last Saturday.

Yet he would have relished being at ringside for the All-Ireland Premier Junior Championship clash.

Ken was managing the Dublin side for the Division 3 League campaign. They were unbeaten in the group.

They lost the final to Carlow by two points.

Ken packed up the disappointment and began preparing for the Championship.

But then came the news that he was no longer the manager. "I was very disappointed. It was something I never expected," stated Ken.

But the word from the County Board is that they wanted a fresh approach for the Championship, and they have appointed an interim management team.

"I took on the role in January, and I really enjoyed it. And I think my record stands up," says Ken.

He feels this team has potential, and he's wishing them all the best for the road ahead.

And all those in Dublin Camogie's high office wish Ken well too.

"It was always my ambition to lead a Dublin team into Croke Park," says Ken.

Maybe that chance will come again.