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Irish boss: 'I don't know when talks will start'

GIOVANNI Trapattoni is happy that talks with the FAI about a new contract will end in a happy outcome for all concerned but he does not yet know when the issue will be put to bed.

Informal discussions about a new deal have been ongoing since the summer but were put on ice until there was some certainty about Ireland's Euro 2012 fate.

"I did not want to put any unnecessary pressure on the FAI," said Trapattoni knowing full well that his steady patter about the subject since the home win over Armenia was intended to, at the very least, make sure Abbotstown didn't take him for granted.

"We think we have done well. It's a formality. It's not about money; unless they change the situation completely."

"We wanted to know whether they wanted to continue and once that is confirmed there is no need for a timeframe," he said.

"We are all responsible, mature people. Now we have clarity. Sure, we know that if we failed to qualify that things might have ended differently, but it is clear now and we have no desire to speed things up."


Trapattoni has already cast his mind forward to June and the preparation time he will need to groom his team for the Euro 2012 finals.

"We have ideas about the training camp but it depends on offers and options that we have. It could be in Poland or the Ukraine but maybe Austria which is nearby or Germany. Why not Portugal or Italy or Slovenia?" he said. "There are many options and we will look at which gives us the best opportunity to play friendly games. We have three or four options and we will look at the teams that we draw before we choose."

Trap will allow wives and families contact with the players during the course of the tournament but it is clear that he will not encourage a media circus around the WAG culture so beloved of the English tabloids.

"When I was in Chile with Italy we went for 40 days without seeing our families, but that was a different time. Now, it's possible for the players to see their families but when we need to work, we need to work alone.

"We can improve but we need time together. There is a time for wives and family but there are times also when you need not to think about them."