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I'm not in running for North - Kerr

BRIAN KERR said he would be keen to talk to the IFA if they were interested in offering him the manager's job with Northern Ireland, but the Dubliner - whose father was from Belfast - does not expect the call to come.

Kerr has earned praise for his feat in developing the senior side with the Faroe Islands, who marked the Euro 2012 campaign with some good displays including a win - and a very narrow and undeserved defeat - against Estonia, the Republic's opponents in the play-offs.

In some ways, Kerr ticks a lot of the boxes as the IFA try to find a replacement for Nigel Worthington: he has experience at senior international level as manager, he knows the lower end of the English club scene where the majority of the North's players play, he has a family connection with the North through his dad, and Kerr would be an ideal candidate to try and stop the loss of the North's young players to the Republic.

"It's not something that is too far away but there are lots of people who are qualified and have thrown their hats into the ring already, with former managers or pundits, and I am a long way from that," Kerr told Newstalk radio.

"I am under contract with the Faroes as it stands and I still have a job there, I haven't sorted out a new contract yet, so I don't know.

"I haven't thought too much about it but I don't think it's realistic. I like international football, I have been in it for most of the last 16 years so I know international football - and I'd have been qualified for Northern Ireland if they'd ever picked me but at least I was qualified.

"They have plenty of candidates and at the moment I'm not one of them," Kerr added.