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I'd walk away


JIM GAVIN has declared he would "walk away" from the GAA if pay-for-play ever materialises, warning: "The games will be dead," if professionalism is embraced.

Gavin also admitted he had "mixed emotions" about the potential for an All-Ireland quarter-final involving Dublin being available only to Sky subscribers.

"I'd be loath to see us going away from our amateur ethos," the Dublin manager said, responding to fears that the recently-signed broadcast deal could begin a process that concludes with inter-county players being financially rewarded.

"I think we'd all walk away if that happened, to be blunt.

"Pay-for-play is not an issue at all," he stressed in relation to his own squad. "It's never even mentioned.

"Guys do it for the right reasons. The sacrifices they put in on a daily basis is all for the love of their parish, their community and, ultimately, their county.

"Players just want small fringe benefits. It's a duty of care that County Boards have to their players that they're looked after in a small way. Players don't look for much.

"It's just looking after them so that they can perform for their county.

"The bridge we can't cross is pay-for-play," Gavin added.

"That's just not on."