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Social betting site looks hot prospect

FOLLOWING the social media craze comes the social betting craze – and BragBet is the latest addition to that market.

BragBet are still in the early days of development, but by sponsoring a race at the Punchestown Festival last week, they came into the awareness of a wider spectrum of punters and the concept is an intriguing, yet enjoyable one.

The long and the short of BragBet is that a group of friends sign up and deposit a consistent sum every week, with a different member of the group (captain) being in control of the betting funds for a week before passing the baton.

The site carries a wide range of sports, not just racing, and the smart phone app is a huge addition, making it easier for friends to suggest certain bets before the captain can decide if, or how much, he is going to bet on it.

Testing out BragBet last week proved an interesting distraction from the working side of Punchestown, and although there are the inevitable teething problems, which are being ironed out, BragBet could be the next betting site that hits the headlines and it will be interesting to watch the progress.