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Nicholls to consult owner on Kauto call

PROSPECTS of seeing Kauto Star go for a sixth King George this December look slim as comments from trainer Paul Nicholls yesterday suggested that the 12-year-old would be retired.

NICHOLLS refused to retire the dual Gold Cup winner after he pulled up in that race last March and insisted he would return to training this winter before any decision was made.

Yesterday he said: “Last year I was keen to run him, I thought he could win another one or two - I’m not saying he can’t win another race, but I’m not as keen as I was.”

Nicholls continued: “He’s achieved so much you just think what else can he do? You don’t want to take any chances with him. Every day they exercise you are always taking a chance so we’ll just see.”

Owner Clive Smith has just returned from holidays and hasn’t nor won’t make any decision until he talks to Nicholls.

The trainer added: “We said we’ll see how the next month went and then make a decision and let everybody know. Nothing is niggling me, I’ve given it a lot of thought and it’s a lot of pressure.

“It was great winning those two races last season but then he had the problem before Cheltenham and that was a lot of pressure.”

Nicholls concluded: “At the end of the day, Clive owns him and we’ll get together and make a decision.”