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Moore: Punters choking on Caviar coverage

With Frankel and Black Caviar the two horses attracting the most attention ahead of Royal Ascot next week, jockey Ryan Moore has accused some media outlets of being "in danger of boring people to death," as Black Caviar is getting so many of the column inches.

The Australian super mare has been the subject of a lot of hype since she was pictured in a rather interesting, skin-tight garment before flying to Newmarket and looking to make it 22 wins from 22 starts at next week's big meeting and she has been used to raising the bar for horseracing in the publicity stakes -- something which has angered the former champion jockey.

"I honestly feel like the coverage is in danger of boring people to death before the meeting has even begun; there have been pages of the stuff daily on the horse. It is overkill and I can't bring myself to read it," Moore said.

He continued: "'Twenty-one things you didn't know about Black Caviar,' -- whoever wrote that article earlier in the week deserves a medal -- and anyone who read it needs to go and find something better to do."

While the attention Black Caviar is bringing to the sport isn't a bad thing, there is no doubt that Moore does have a point.

Some outlets preparing to show Black Caviar doing nothing but a routine canter is surely a bit 'OTT' and is hardly that enticing to the wider audience that racing is persistently trying to attract.

Indeed, the danger of Black Caviar getting even more over-hyped than Frankel is a concern, and one that may come back to bite Racing For Change, or whoever is behind the big Black Caviar drive.


There is no doubting the attraction to the Black Caviar story and to see her win a 22nd race at the very top level would be fantastic.

However, it is not as though she is going to be taking on Frankel or any horse near as good as him.

When racing made a big push on the Kauto Star and Denman Gold Cup, at least they were two heavyweights of the sport, whereas Black Caviar's opposition will be nowhere near that class.

Indeed, she will be running in a race that for the past 10 years has provided winners priced at 25/1, 13/2, 20/1, 33/1, 9/1, 33/1, 6/1, 12/1, 13/2 and 16/1, so it is no stranger to a shock.

Moore added: "I can't envisage how she will be beaten -- let's hope she isn't anyway after all the coverage. And fingers crossed she gets to the race fit and well and the weather doesn't turn really nasty and ride bottomless on the Saturday.

"It would be one hell of an anti-climax if she didn't run and deliver."