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Lynch allowed to ride in Britain for initial one-year period

FERGAL LYNCH is allowed to ride in Britain for an initial one-year period, confirmed the British Horseracing Authority.

Lynch, 36, admitted to stopping a horse, Bond City, from winning at Ripon in August 2004, supplying inside information about six of his rides, and associating with the disqualified Miles Rodgers.

His bid to regain a jockey's licence in Britain had been refused by a licensing committee of the BHA in March 2011.

The committee rejected his application as it felt he was not a suitable, or "fit and proper", person.

He has, however, been free to ride here in Ireland, after he was granted a licence by the Irish Turf Club in April 2012.


Adam Brickell, director of integrity, legal and risk for the BHA, said: "Lynch has shown through his application and subsequent interviews that he has satisfactorily addressed the concerns raised by the Licensing Committee when it refused to grant him a British licence in 2011.