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Dettori won't ride before judgement

FRANKIE DETTORI has indicated he will not be riding anywhere in the world until the French stewards announce their judgement over his positive test for a banned substance.

The 41-year-old has been temporarily suspended from competing in France on medical grounds after making his representation via conference call in front of a medical committee at the Paris headquarters of the French racing authority, France Galop, on Tuesday.

The file has been handed on to the French stewards, who will make their decision within a fortnight. Dettori's solicitor, Christopher Stewart-Moore, said in a statement: "He can now confirm that until the matter is resolved by the Stewards of France Galop at a hearing within the next fortnight he will not be riding again anywhere.


"Once the stewards of France Galop make their decision he will make a full statement but is unable to do so until such time as that final decision is announced."

France Galop's statement, which was released yesterday afternoon, read: "Following yesterday's examination of the file and after having duly notified the jockey Lanfranco Dettori of its decision, the Medical Committee has temporarily suspended the said jockey from riding in races in France, based on medical grounds.

"According to article 143 of the Rules of Racing, the Medical Committee's report has been passed on to the France Galop stewards.

"The France Galop stewards will be studying the file within the next fortnight before deciding what action will be taken in accordance with the Rules of Racing."