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Gregory's girls have clear route

ROUTE one is the best road to travel.

And so it is with the Dubs this year.

No back-doors, no 

The Leinster Championship trophy on the mantel-piece and the Sat Nav pointing firmly towards the last eight.

"A big bonus of winning the Leinster title is that it allows you to prepare for an 
All-Ireland quarter-final on August 16th or 23rd.

"You know in mid-July that you won't be out again until then," says manager, Gregory McGonigle.

"We know we need to peak for the All-Ireland quarter-final, and that we have to produce our best football on that day."


Striving to produce that won't be a problem for Dublin.

"We believe seriously in work-rate.

"If you work hard and make

it difficult for the opposition, you give yourself an opportunity.

"I feel that with the ability we have in the Dublin squad, that if we can match or surpass the work-rate of our opposition, we have a chance most days."

There has been a swagger to the Dubs this summer.

"We like to move the ball nice and early, and have players running off the shoulder."

Competition is keen within the squad.

"There is always somebody else looking at the jersey."