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Gilroy waits

PAT GILROY kicked the question of his managerial future to touch in defeat yesterday but speculation in Dublin will intensify in the coming weeks as he considers his future.

Gilroy's fourth year has been completed and as such, he has seen out his term.

"I don't even know what I'm doing next week, let alone next year," he replied when asked.

"This is not the time to think about those things. It's very raw at the minute. I think you need to go away for a week or two and have a good think."

The St Vincent's man hinted that his professional commitments could dictate whether he would be willing to take on a fifth season. "There's always other people involved with me making a decision to go on with this," he explained.

"There are paymasters that have to be happy with it so, I'll take my time and think about it."

Captain Bryan Cullen added that he did not expect a raft of retirements, insisting: "It's a very young squad. The average age of guys was 24 or 25. There is a lot more football to be played from the lads in that dressing room."

He added that there had been no signs of complacency following last year's success. "I'd like to think the lads wanted to win just as much this year as last year. I think you saw from the efforts out there.

"We just left it a little bit too late this year," Cullen concluded.