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Where the tickets go

STRUNG out for a ticket? Lost out in the club raffle? Wondering where all these Seánie-come-latelys were back in March when you drove up to the gates of Nowlan Park or Pearse Stadium unhindered by traffic?

Well, figures from the GAA show how tickets are allocated for the football and hurling finals each year.

So if you' re still struggling to get your hands on one, you might want to get in touch with someone with a bit of clout in any of the following:

County allocations: 58,401

Provinces: 335

Overseas: 470

Central Council and former presidents: 798

Camogie: 120

Ladies' football: 150

Rounders and handball: 147

Sponsors: 935

Press: 254

TV and radio: 74

Schools and educational bodies: 2,229

3rd Level: 240

Croke Park residents: 250

Match officials and national referees' panel: 103

Irish Sports Council and health bodies: 60

Match day/Vertigo/minor teams: 148

GAA staff and sub-committees: 718

Jubilee teams: 68

Mini-sevens: 244

Term tickets: 4,144

Season tickets: 1,884